[13 May 2015]
Help Chris Owen raise funds for Nepal

On Sunday 10th May Revd Chris Owen, one of our curates completed a rowing marathon in order to raise urgently needed funds to help the disaster relief efforts of Tearfund following the devastating earthqauke in Nepal.  A matter of two days after Chris’s tremendous effort another deadly earthquake struck Nepal once again.  Families are now living with continual hurt.  Those living life on the edge have been pushed over the edge, not once but twice.  Whole communities have been left homeless.  Villages, towns devastated.  Tearfund have been working in Nepal …

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[27 Apr 2015]
Centenary ANZAC service at St Mary’s

This year’s annual ANZAC service at St Mary’s Church was held on Sunday 26th April at 6.30 pm  to remember New Zealand service personnel who gave their lives and are buried in our town’s graveyard.

For nearly a century in St Mary’s church a Service of Commemoration has been held to honour and solemnly recall the sacrifice offered by the great Commonwealth Nations of New Zealand and Australia in the fires of war.
Each year those who gave their lives have been remembered with pride; and each year we pray with …

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[11 Apr 2015]
Worship Pattern during the Vacancy

Patterns of Worship during the Vacancy

Following a meeting of the PCC, and in consultation with the Rural Dean and Archdeacon, until further notice, the following pattern of worship will be implemented:
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St John’s Church

09:00 service
The current pattern of communion services on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month will be maintained
10:30 service
1st Sunday             Morning Worship
2nd Sunday           All-Age Worship
3rd Sunday            Communion Service [with Holy Baptism]
4th Sunday            Morning Worship
5th Sunday            Morning Worship
St Mary’s Church

08:00 service
The current pattern of communion services will be maintained
09:15 service
The …

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[11 Apr 2015]
Important Information from the Churchwardens

During the Vacancy (the time before the appointment of Charles’ successor), as Churchwardens we share the overall legal responsibility for the Parish and its worship activities with the Rural Dean.  We have now met with the Archdeacon and Rural Dean to discuss the vacancy and the process of finding our next vicar.  The PCC are collating a Parish Profile and Person Specification for a new incumbent.  During the interregnum, a ‘vacancy committee’ will co-ordinate parish activities.
As a Parish, we all need to prepare for the future.  This is a time …

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[10 Apr 2015]
The Children’s Society – Thank You

The Children’s Society door-to-door collection ran from 11th – 25th April.

The Children’s Society- 2015 Total!
I am delighted to advise that this year’s collection raised an amazing £1234.48 plus Gift Aid! 
THANK YOU to all of the people who gave so generously to this year’s collection and to this year’s fantastic collectors:
Paula Cahill, Heather Newlands, Jo Boon, Ali Graves, Kelly Haines, Emma Cheyne, Claire Long, Alex Scott, Sam Batchelor, Tracey Stone, Kathleen Kent, Linda Muggleton, Morag Darling, Caroline Brimacombe, Carol Heyden and Janet Dicker.
Thank you everyone for raising awareness …

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[26 Mar 2015]
2nd Female Bishop Appointed and 1st Female Diocesan Bishop Announced

10 Downing Street announced today that the next Bishop of Gloucester will be the Ven Rachel Treweek currently Archdeacon of Hackney in London Diocese. She will be the first female diocesan bishop in the Church of England.
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And on Wednesday 25th March…
Her Majesty the Queen has appointed the Revd Canon Alison White, priest-in-charge of Riding Mill in the Diocese of Newcastle and Diocesan Adviser for Spirituality and Spiritual Direction, as the Bishop Suffragan of the See of Hull.
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The Rt Revd Frank …